What is an Mp3 File (Audio)

What is an MP3? (MP3 क्या है?)

आजकल हम बहुत से SONGS और ऑडियो रिकॉर्डिंग्स सुनते है, जोकि MP3 फॉर्मेट में होती है, लकिन ये MP3 क्या है?आइये जानते है,

 MP3 एक audio फाइल है, which can be music, narrative or any other form of audio recording.

The MP3 starts off life as a very high quality digital recording. This master recording is then digitally compressed to allow it to take up less space on a storage device, such as your MP3 player or hard drive. Without this compression, an MP3 player would only be capable of storing around 10% of its normal number of tracks. MP3 फाइल्स डिजिटल फाइल्स का छोटा स्वरुप है अर्थात COMPACT FEATURE इसका लाभ यह है की इसको स्टोरेज SPACE बहुत कम चाहिए अर्थात हम कम MEMORY में ज्यादा डाटा SAVE कर सकते है,

Unfortunately, the benefits of this smaller filesize come at a price, the quality of the MP3 track will not be as good as the original because of the way the track is compressed. लेकिन इसका  क्वालिटी इतना बुरा भी नहीं होता, The quality of an MP3 file depends on what is called its "sample rate" or "bit rate".

What is MP3 Bit Rate ?

An MP3's bit rate (or sample rate) refers to the amount of audio information (measured in Kb Kilobits) it reproduces per second, the higher the bit rate the better the quality.   इस प्रकार BIT रेट जितना ज्यादा होगा फाइल साइज उतना ही बड़ा होगा और QUALITY बढ़िया होगा,

There is a noticable difference in the quality of the sound produced by MP3s of varying bit rates,विशेष रूप से यदि MP3 फाइल्स में इसीलिए फर्क रहता है की वह अलग अलग BIT RATES पर रिकॉर्ड की जाती है, The file is played at high volume on a high-fidelity sound system. If you are compressing the MP3s yourself then experimenting with the bit rate can be useful, to get either better quality reproductions, or more MP3s on your storage device.

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